Plan for next 6 Months for those who want to associate with CEE as Event Aspirants

CEE’s margin on sending Trainees to events would be 20%. Sometimes it would be more than 20% where we forecast some risk (either from clients side or from Trainees side). If we give the reference to you and ask you to coordinate all by yourself, then the referral fee would be just 10%.

Until the end of August 2018, for the events Trainees go through CEE, Whatever the payment is fixed for the trainees, 50% of the payment would be deducted towards training cost.

From September to December 2018, 25% of the event payment would be deducted towards Training cost. From January 2019, there wouldnt be any deduction, unless the trainee is willing to do higher level courses with CEE or CEE referred Trainers.

What are the ways you would be learning from CEE
1) In person training through Training Program, Induction Program, while you travel with us for events
2) On the job training in the events
3) Through the back end tasks and the social media marketing work we give you.
4) Through observing our activities (Trainers) and members activities in our CEE groups
5) Through the video links and articles we share exclusively for members (which we will not share in social media publicly)
6) Through the homework we give you

Please go through the above messages twice or thrice and those who are interested to take Training from CEE in the above methods, do join the below Whatsapp Group. Others please dont join the group

Once you have joined the group, by tomorrow night we’ll send an email with the same content in this message and we want you to acknowledge the email for the acceptance. Training starts right from today Infact it has already started.

What would be the benefits for the Trainees:
1) At the end of December 2018, You would have become an Event Emcee who can handle atleast any one genre of event confidently on your own (Birthday party or social event or corporate event).
2) Our aim is to make each and everyone of you earn atleast 10k through events after associating with us and before the end of December 2018. This is at minimum level. Once everything goes well, sky is the limit for your earning.
3) You would have learnt Social Media Marketing, increased your online presence, would have builtin a strong network in the event industry and also would have been known by others.
4) Preference would be given to you for all our events whereever you are eligible.
5) Would be introducing you to a lot other event professionals.

Those who feel that you dont want to pay CEE and you are already eligible to do events on your own and you shall take care of your marketing by yourself, you shall inform us and we will add you to “Collaborators group” and you will not be added in any of CEE related groups. In “Collaborators Group” only opportunities would be shared and there wouldnt be any learning material. Also opportunities would be shared only by other members, CEE’s focus would be only on CEE’s members.

From tomorrow there would be only 4 Whatsapp groups and all other groups would be collapsed.

1) CEE Trainees Jun-Dec2018 (Those who are joining as Trainees based on above messages)
2) CEE Induction Participants (Those who have attended Induction Programs)
3) CEE Aspirants (Those who want to associate with CEE but havent attended Induction Program)
4) CEE Opportunity Seekers (Those who don’t need CEE Training but are looking only for opportunities)

Also have a look at this link to know more about other Whatsapp groups we maintain

About the Trainers:

Chennai Event Emcees and Entertainers Thamizharasan Karunakaran and Nandhini AravindanChennai Event Emcees and Entertainers Thamizharasan and Nandhini Aravindan here. We are Master of Ceremonies, MC Managers and Emcee Trainers based at Chennai and operate across the country. We have been hosting all sort of Family Parties to Corporate Events at Chennai and other Parts of Tamilnadu, Bengaluru, Pondicherry, New Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and recently in Malaysia too. We are well prepared to expand to other parts of India.

We also show our presence occasionally in Tamil Television Channels (Sun TV, Z Tamil, Makkal TV, Mega TV, Vijay TV) and also have acted in an Award winning Tamil Movie “Aruvi”
Chennai Event Anchors Thamizharasan Karunakaran and Nandhini in Sun TV Vaanga Pesalaam Talk Show Chennai Event Emcees Entertainers Nandhini Aravindan and Thamiharasan Karunakaran in Aruvi Movie
We are the Founders of the brands Chennai Event Emcees (Focusing on Emcee Training and Business Skills Training) and Chennai Event Entertainers (focusing on collaboration with other Event Professionals and organizing events – MC Management, Artiste Management, Performers Management and helping the clients meet their Event Management Needs through our tie-up with the other vendors).
If you are looking for an Event Anchor (Emcee) or an Event Organizer for your event, please feel free to contact us. Would be glad to serve you and create memories for yourselves and your guests.

We at Chennai Event Entertainers cater to:

  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding | Sangeet
  • Family Get-together
  • Corporate Team Outing
  • Promotional Activities (BTL)
  • Audio Launch
  • Press Meets
  • Re-unions
  • Sports Events
  • Marathon
  • Mall Activity
  • Team Building Activity
  • Out Bound Training
  • School / College Cultural Day
  • Alumni Meet
  • Apartments Activity
  • Fashion Show
  • Dealers Meet
  • Product Launch
  • Awards Function
    and any other customized events

For more information and to make your event more memorable please do connect with us at:

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Wish you a very great day!!

Chennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan Karunakaran and Nandhini Aravindan

Chennai Event Entertainers Nandhini Aravindan and Thamizharasan Karunakaran